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System Building

A trading system is a set of rules for finding, entering and exiting trades. There is no holy grail system. No system is better than any other. A good system is one that is adapted to your goals, your time frame, your capital and your personality. A trading system not only helps you manage risk, but removes emotions from trading. -

Trading for a living is an exciting idea, and stock trading systems can give you the life you want. A system is simply a set of rules that defines how you will enter and exit the financial markets to make money. Stock trading systems work because they eliminate emotion, create consistency and capture an edge in the markets. Most new traders fail and lose money because they take tips from others, they do what is popular, they do what sounds good at dinner parties, they do what is marketed heavily by the industry, they use someone else’s stock trading system – they don’t do what is profitable!

Everyone is different, so you can’t make money consistently by taking tips from friends, following newsletters, subscribing to stock tipping services, reading newsletters, paying for expensive seminars to learn secret trading methods…why? Because these things all have one thing in common – they fail to take into account YOU!

At OASIS CAPITAL we can help you  build your own trading system that meets YOUR objectives, fits YOUR personality and gives YOU the life you want is the answer. Build a profitable system that will work for you regardless of whether you want to trade the stock market, futures market or the forex markets. Our goal is to help you succeed by building your own profitable stock trading system that meets your objectives and gives you the life you want. Most new traders fail because they don’t have a guide to help them build a profitable system that suits them.

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